Everything Bagels

Big thumbs up for Kelsey Ale who created this recipe! Even though bread is not something I necessarily miss (I do miss wheat tins… and chocolate chip ice cream….), it IS nice to be able to switch up my breakfast foods a little. These taste like bread and have the same consistency. I have triedContinue reading “Everything Bagels”

Chaffles (keto waffles)

Breakfast time! There will be no easier recipe on my website than this one, promise. All you need is 2 simple ingredients and a waffle maker. Chaffles are essentially waffles, but then with Cheese, hence the name Chaffles, and they are super tasty, filling and taste like you are eating diner food just from yourContinue reading “Chaffles (keto waffles)”

Keto Almond White Chocolate Brownies

Oh man….. these are so good! They are nutrient dense so very filling, but great for an occasional sweet treat. Be sure to put these in the fridge overnight after baking and slicing them to let them firm up before digging in. Ingredients 1 cup natural almond butter 2 large eggs 1/2 cup sugar freeContinue reading “Keto Almond White Chocolate Brownies”

Creamy Broccoli Bacon Chicken

Looking for an easy dinner? Look no further! This casserole is easy, flavorful and a crowdpleaser for sure. If you are with more than 4 people, make sure to double this recipe. Ingredients 3 chicken breasts 6 cups broccoli florets 1/2 cup heavy cream 6 slices of bacon 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (the creamierContinue reading “Creamy Broccoli Bacon Chicken”