My Keto Test Lab recipes

Keto Rolls

Bread! These taste like wheat bread! I’m not kidding… this is the closest to bread any keto recipe I have ever tried has come. In the Netherlands, where I grew up, a normal breakfast and/or lunch would often consist of a “broodje kaas” (a roll with a slice of cheese), and that’s what I hadContinue reading “Keto Rolls”

Coconut Chicken Curry

We’re getting ready for darker and colder nights and my favorite thing to do when that happens is to make soups and stews. This Curry is not technically one of those, but it tastes like a hybrid and it warms that belly right up. It’s also a great make ahead dish that is easily reheatedContinue reading “Coconut Chicken Curry”

Pumpkin Munchkins

Gingerbread and Speculoos got married and had a baby! That’s what these taste like, no kidding! It’s fall and I have to be careful not to overdo it with the pumpkin since I like it way more than my family does, but who can say no to pumpkin muffins, amiright? I had to tweak theContinue reading “Pumpkin Munchkins”


To be honest, I have never had a real Hushpuppy in my life… I grew up in The Netherlands and we don’t have them there. The author of this recipe says these are pretty darn close to the real thing and since she has given me TONS of delicious spot on recipes, I tend toContinue reading “Hushpuppies”

Mozzarella Pesto Pizza

I like to make meals from scratch, but let’s face it, for most of us juggling all the things (yes, ALL lol) life does not (always) leave us with enough time to stand in the kitchen every day and create such master pieces 😉 Add virtual school and, on Thursday evenings, Hockey nights for meContinue reading “Mozzarella Pesto Pizza”

Chile Relleno Soup

Happy Fall y’all! It’s officially of fall and fall always makes me crave hearty soups. What’s better than a big bowl of soup to warm your belly now that the nights are getting colder and darker? Today our taste buds will visit Mexico through spicy Poblano Peppers, Garlic, Onion, Jalapenos and fresh herbs. As aContinue reading “Chile Relleno Soup”

Pumpkin Vanilla Shake

This one tastes like dessert, and can be eaten like desert with one little tweak, but I made it for breakfast this morning and it was super satisfying. I like having shakes for breakfast; they’re easy and fast to prepare, they are easily bulked up when you wake up hungry, and you can put yourContinue reading “Pumpkin Vanilla Shake”


Hummus, the perfect snack! Healthy, goes great with vegetables and is perfect to serve when you have a crowd to please. Traditional hummus uses chickpeas and although really healthy, they are not allowed on a keto diet since they are relatively high in carbs and low in fats. Boo… you would say… Nope! This versionContinue reading “Hummus”


Shawarma used to be the food that I ate in my twenties in the middle of the night on weekends, in the Netherlands where I grew up, when all the bars closed at either 2 or 4 am LOL. Seriously, it was either this of fries with mayo. (I might need to do a blogContinue reading “Shawarma”

Pumpkin Brownies

Personally I start researching “pumpkin everything” in June… candles, home fragrances, recipes… To be honest, I could have pumpkin all year round! Even just baking with it makes my heart happy..These brownies don’t taste like pumpkin at all, but it’s the pumpkin that makes and keeps them moist. They are delicious and taste decadent. AContinue reading “Pumpkin Brownies”

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I originally got this recipe from a Paleo cookbook, and it used Maple Syrup as a sweetener. However, a few days ago I posted a great Maple Syrup recipe and so I thought how great an opportunity it would be to test out how well this syrup holds up in baking. Well, it’s awesome. AndContinue reading “Chocolate Chip Cookies”


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My Test Lab

I am using 6 major recipe categories for my Test Lab recipes:

1. Easy Dinner
2. Family Favorites
3. Breakfast
4. Snacks
5. Lunch
6. Sweets & Baked Goods

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Each recipe will have the exact ingredients I’ve used, my fail proof instructions and a section about what I’ve learned.

Where possible I have added the stats and the source of the recipe.

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