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There are so many great books and recipes out there! I love trying out new Keto styles and dive into books for recipes. My cooking books are always full of notes, stickies, and paperclips so I remember what my family loves and how I change and adjust recipes.

Find my go to Keto books below!! Let me know which Keto books you love or send me your recipes I should try out and maybe tweak a little 🙂 .

Simply Keto

Suzanne Ryan

First of all, this book is beautiful. It has great pictures (I strongly dislike books with no pictures or black and white ones), and the lay out is clean, crip and easy to follow. Not only does it have a ton of recipes, it also has an index where you can see pictures of the recipes, it has an allergen index and tons of back ground information on the Keto lifestyle including shopping lists and ingredient information. The recipes are very inviting and crowd pleasing and are all marked with information about allergens and time spent preparing and cooking them. It’s just an all around great book and imho shouldn’t be absent in any keto cooks library 🙂 Note: through the link down below, you can not only buy it in paperback or hardcover version, but there is also a Kindle version.

Buy it here.

Easy Everyday Keto

America’s Test Kitchen with Alicia A. Romano

When I see a book by America’s Test Kitchen I still test the recipes but they almost always come out perfectly. It’s not called Test Kitchen for nothing; they have tested and tried the recipes before they publish and they definitely know what they are talking about when it comes to cooking and baking. The instructions are thorough and the pictures in the pictures are beautiful and helpful (I’m a visual person and tend to only use cookbooks with illustrations). I like the fact that this book has recipes that I would normally not think of making but also has the classics like green beans, asparagus, deviled eggs, but then with a twist (like another sauce to try or they change it up with different seasonings or preparation).

Buy it here.

Southern Keto

Natasha Newton

I think I have tried almost every recipe this book holds. The recipes are easy to follow, family favorites, like Southern Fish Fry, Gumbo, Easy Chili, Crispy Chicken Wings, and also Strawberry Shortcakes, Coleslaw and Zucchini Bread. If you want to invest in a Keto cookbook, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Buy it here.

Ket Breakfast Cookbook

Kelsey Ale

I recently bought this book on a whim because it was a good sale and I didn’t have very high hopes for it because I had never heard from the author. I have been proven wrong! This an amazing little book with tons of breakfast ideas that taste decadent and that are easy to make.

I have tried to make keto bread dozens of times, but never did it came out as well as when it did when I used Kelsey’s recipe. She definitely knows what she’s doing. You can find recipes like donuts, French toast, cinnamon waffles and breakfast casserole but also granola bars, breakfast pizza and different kinds of egg dishes. Coffee and warm drinks are also included.

I can’t wait to try out more recipes from this book!

Buy it here.

Do you have a book or recipe I should try out?

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