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Middle Eastern Chicken Shawarma (marinade)

I grew up eating Shawarma; In the Netherlands, where I was born and raised, there are lots of “fast food” restaurants that sell it and serve it with pita bread and mayo based garlic sauce. I have also tried to recreate it many times since it’s such an easy flavorful meal to make that is…

Copycat Homemade Tagalongs

Girl.Scout.Cookies. These are absolutely delicious! The only thing I have changed from the original recipe I found online is that I use almond butter instead of peanut butter. You can use both butters, whatever your taste buds desire, I’m just using almond butter since I’m allergic to peanuts. They look fancy, and they are! But…

Keto Fudge

Normally I like to add a whole intro to my recipes on the site… with this one it’s not needed and also…. you don’t have time to read it because you really want to start gathering your ingredients and start creating this fudge. it.Is.So.Good. Enjoy! Ingredients 1 stick salted butter (113 g)1 heaping 1 1/4…

Fish Tacos

It’s one of those ultimate street foods right? I promise you won’t feel deprived when you try these instead of the real deal! You can even dress it up with your favorite creamy low carb sauce or street dressing, go crazy 😉 Ingredients (2 servings) 2 low carb tortillas (When picking low carb tortillas go…

Epic Keto Lasagna

This is the real deal… for real… I’m not kidding…! My Keto Test Lab aka kitchen has been the epicenter of tweaking, testing, trying, tasting on repeat, to test and tweak THE BEST lasagna for y’all. Of course my husband, who is my full time test team, keeps on getting more critical (or spoiled… I’m…

Crispy Boneless Chicken Thighs

While on keto, lots op people stay away from too much chicken since it’s low in fat and high in protein. However, chicken thighs are a more fatty part of the chicken and when you leave the skin on and sear them in tallow, ghee or oil, you get enough fat in your dish to…

Chicken Chowder

I love soup, although I have not been a fan of the creamy kind though. I lived in New England for a while (Middletown, RI) and of course there were many occasions that the infamous Clam Chowder was served. Also, not a fan (sorry!!!). Anyway, today I am posting a recipe that has everything in…

Turkey Pesto Meatballs

This is a recipe, albeit tweaked, that I got got from one of my favorite non keto cookbooks; “Weelicious” by Catherine McCord. (The recipe has been tweaked to adhere by our low carb standards though!) I bought it as soon as it came out in 2012 (when my youngest, Charlie, was born) and have been…


The original recipe stated that you wouldn’t miss the beans at all in this recipe….. With classic and all around loved recipes like Chili I believe you always have to be very “respectful” in recreating them (#foodsnob LOL)… and they absolutely NAILED IT! This is Chili 🙂 I LOVE Chili and would hate it to…

Chicken Soup

There’s a reason there is a whole series of books written called; “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. Chicken soup is the ultimate meal that will warm up your belly and your heart… It’s such a comforting meal. Here is the version that I like to make 🙂 Don’t be afraid to make a double batch,…


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